Trunited Review: Comprehensive Insight into the Loyalty Rewards Platform

Trunited is an online shopping platform that combines e-commerce with cashback rewards and a network marketing model. Founded by Nicolas Porter in 2016, Trunited offers members a way to earn money by purchasing items through their network and referring others to join. This unique approach allows users to benefit from both discounts on their purchases and potential income from referring new members.

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Trunited earns commissions from partner companies whenever members buy products through their platform. They then share a portion of these commissions back with the members. This creates a win-win scenario where companies get more sales, Trunited earns profits, and consumers receive cashback rewards.

Despite the promise of rewards, some people see the requirement to recruit others as a potential downside. While Trunited doesn’t currently offer a mobile app, which some users might find limiting, its innovative approach to combining shopping with a passive income opportunity keeps it an interesting option for those who like the idea of earning while they spend.

Understanding Trunited

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Trunited is an online shopping platform centered around socialized commerce. Founded by Nicolas Porter, this company has quickly grown and evolved its business model since its inception.

Origins and Mission

Trunited was founded by Nicolas Porter in 2016. Originally based in Arizona, the company aimed to combine the benefits of online shopping with a unique cashback system. Porter wanted to create a win-win scenario where shoppers save money and companies boost sales.

The mission focuses on socialized commerce. This means users can earn money not only through their own purchases but also by referring others. The idea is to make shopping more rewarding and engaging for everyone involved.

Trunited Platform Overview

The Trunited platform simplifies the cashback experience. Users purchase items directly through the Trunited site and earn cashback points instantly. These points can be redeemed for other products, making it easier to save more money.

Additionally, Trunited operates under a network marketing model. Users can refer others to the platform and earn rewards. This adds another layer of income possibilities. The platform is user-friendly and aims to make shopping, saving, and earning as straightforward as possible.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given Trunited an A- rating, indicating a positive yet cautious reception from users and reviewers alike. This balance of immediate rewards and long-term earning potential sets Trunited apart from other cashback and network marketing platforms.

How Trunited Works

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Trunited is a platform that combines cashback rewards with a unique network marketing model. It offers members ways to earn through purchases and referrals.

Membership and Registration

Joining Trunited is free. Anyone can sign up and start using the platform immediately. Members are encouraged to make purchases through Trunited’s partner retailers. When they do, Trunited earns commissions on these sales.

The website is user-friendly, making it easy for new users to register and navigate. A valid email address is required, and members are encouraged to fill out additional profile information to maximize their experience.

Profit Points and Earning Mechanics

With every purchase made through Trunited, members earn Profit Points. These points represent a portion of the commission Trunited receives from partner companies. For example, if a member buys an item worth $100 from a partner store, they might earn 10 Profit Points.

These points can be converted into cash or discounts for future purchases. The more you buy or refer, the more Profit Points you accumulate. It’s a straightforward way for members to save money while shopping.

Algorithm and Network Marketing Strategy

Trunited uses a proprietary algorithm to distribute earnings. This algorithm ensures that commissions are fairly divided among the members based on their purchases and the number of people they refer. This model mimics affiliate marketing but includes a more extensive network.

Members can also earn by referring new users. When someone joins through a referral link, the referrer gets additional Profit Points. This incentivizes members to grow the network, turning casual shoppers into active marketers.

By leveraging both personal shopping and network growth, Trunited creates multiple revenue streams for its users. The algorithm ensures that the system remains balanced and rewards active participation.

Trunited Financial Opportunities

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Trunited offers a variety of ways to make money, primarily through shopping and building a network of referrals. Here’s a closer look at these financial opportunities.

Earning through Shopping

Trunited provides a cash back system for its users. When someone shops through the Trunited platform, they earn rewards points, commonly referred to as profit points. These points can be redeemed towards future purchases, helping users save more money over time.

The platform works by earning commissions on the sales generated through their links and passing a portion of these commissions back to shoppers. This allows users to get a percentage of their spending back in the form of rewards. The more they shop through the platform, the more they can accumulate these profit points, leading to significant savings.

Compensation and Downline Building

Trunited also offers a network marketing opportunity, which allows members to earn money by referring others to the platform. This structure resembles a multi-level marketing (MLM) system where users build a “downline.”

Downline consists of recruits who shop through the platform or refer even more users. Members earn commissions not only from their own purchases but also from the activities of their downline. The compensation plan is set up so that members receive a cut of the profit points from the purchases made by their referrals, creating an incentive to grow their network. These commissions can add up, potentially leading to substantial income for active users.

Overall, this combination of cash back incentives and referral-based earnings offers various ways for users to make money and earn rewards.

Partners and Affiliations

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Trunited collaborates with various global brands and engages with local businesses and initiatives to provide an enriching shopping experience for its users while promoting community growth.

Global Brand Partnerships

Trunited has established partnerships with several well-known global brands. Among them are Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. These partnerships allow users to earn cashback when purchasing products from these popular retailers through the Trunited platform.

By working with such prominent companies, Trunited ensures a diverse selection of products and services. This not only enhances user satisfaction but also reinforces the credibility and reliability of the cashback program. Users can shop confidently, knowing they are dealing with trusted brands.

Local Affiliations and Contributions

On a local level, Trunited is connected with businesses and initiatives that resonate with community values. One notable affiliation is with Risas Dental, owned by Trunited’s founder, Nicolas Porter. Risas Dental, established in 2011, is known for its emphasis on affordable dental care.

In addition to dental services, Trunited supports local fundraising and charitable activities. By partnering with local entities, the platform promotes community engagement and contribution. Programs like Pacesetter Partner demonstrate Trunited’s commitment to supporting local businesses and fostering a sense of community among its users.

In summary, Trunited’s affiliations span both global brands and local initiatives, ensuring a wide-reaching and inclusive approach to its business model.

Critical Analysis of Trunited

Trunited is a network marketing platform that offers users an opportunity to earn money through cashback rewards, gift cards, and other incentives. This analysis will explore the benefits and drawbacks of Trunited’s model and compare it to other similar online business opportunities.

Pros and Cons of the Trunited Model


Trunited’s membership fee is modest, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals. This low barrier of entry is attractive for those looking to try network marketing without significant upfront costs.

Users can earn cashback on everyday purchases. This includes gift cards, which provide flexibility in spending rewards.

Trunited offers various tools to help users maximize their earnings, such as an intuitive dashboard and detailed tracking of rewards.


The platform’s operating costs can be high for those who rely heavily on its promotional activities. These costs can eat into the profits that users make from cashback and rewards.

There are security concerns associated with online business platforms. Users need to be aware of browser security and ensure proper security checks are in place to protect personal and financial information.

Trunited’s network marketing structure may seem complex or daunting to new users. It requires significant effort to build and maintain a network of affiliates.

Evaluating Trunited Against Alternatives

Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate offers comprehensive training and tools for those interested in starting an online business. Unlike Trunited, Wealthy Affiliate focuses more on affiliate marketing and less on network marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate provides extensive resources for browser security and regular updates to ensure that user information remains secure.

Compared to Trunited, Wealthy Affiliate’s cost structure might be higher, but it includes a wide range of educational materials and support.

Other Network Marketing Platforms:

While many network marketing platforms have similar models to Trunited, some offer better incentives. For example, higher cashback rates or lower operating costs can make them more appealing.

Alternative platforms may have a more straightforward sign-up process and user-friendly interfaces, which can be less overwhelming for beginners.

It’s crucial to evaluate the potential growth and stability of each platform. Some platforms might have a stronger track record of consistent payments and lower risk of scams.

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