EcomHunt Review: Unveiling Comprehensive Product Research Insights

Dropshipping isn’t just for big companies; anyone can jump in with the right tools. One of these tools that has been generating buzz is EcomHunt. EcomHunt is a product research platform designed to help find winning products to sell in online stores. It analyzes trends and provides data that can make the search for profitable products much easier.

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Some users have reported issues with glitches and customer service, suggesting there are some operational challenges. Yet, the software’s ability to provide detailed analytics and a curated list of products stands out. The platform’s “Get Lucky” feature allows users to filter products based on different criteria, giving more control over what they choose to sell.

EcomHunt also offers tools similar to its competitors but aims to be more accessible and user-friendly. By giving insights into market trends and competitor analysis, it positions itself as a valuable asset for anyone looking to succeed in the dropshipping market.

Exploring EcomHunt Features

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EcomHunt offers a range of tools designed to help dropshippers find profitable products, analyze product saturation, and track trends. It provides both free and paid options, catering to different user needs.

Product Research and Discovery

EcomHunt excels in product research by offering several features that facilitate finding winning products. It provides a database of trending products curated from various sources. Users can apply filters to narrow down their search based on categories, popularity, and other metrics.

The platform utilizes performance analytics to show sales data, social media engagement, and links to competitors. This helps users make informed decisions about which products to add to their stores. The Chrome Extension also allows users to research products directly from their browser, enhancing convenience.

EcomHunt Pro vs EcomHunt Classic

EcomHunt offers two versions: EcomHunt Classic and EcomHunt Pro. The Classic version is free but comes with limited features. Users have access to a basic product database and can view a limited amount of data.

EcomHunt Pro offers more advanced features, including full access to daily product updates, in-depth analytics, and priority support. Pro users can view comprehensive sales data, audience targeting suggestions, and product engagement history. This version is ideal for serious dropshippers who require detailed insights and timely updates.

Saturation Inspector and Analytics

The Saturation Inspector is a valuable tool within EcomHunt that checks how saturated a product is in the market. It analyses how many online stores are selling a particular product, helping users avoid highly competitive items.

Analytics provided includes engagement metrics such as likes, shares, and comments on social media. These insights help users gauge a product’s popularity and potential for success. By understanding market saturation and engagement, dropshippers can make better decisions on which products to focus on.

EcomHunt Live and Tracker Tools

EcomHunt Live is a feature that showcases real-time trending products. It monitors over 4,000 items and updates regularly to reflect new and popular products. This helps users stay ahead of market trends and quickly adapt their product offerings.

The Tracker Tools allow users to monitor the performance of selected products over time. This includes tracking social media engagement, sales numbers, and competitor data. These tools are essential for users who want to continuously optimize their product choices based on real-time data and market movements.

Marketing and Sales Optimization

A computer screen displaying EcomHunt's marketing and sales optimization tools with graphs and charts

Effective marketing and sales optimization are crucial for success in the competitive e-commerce landscape. This section covers how EcomHunt assists in optimizing ad targeting, engagement strategies, and pricing to maximize earnings.

Ad Targeting and Facebook Ads Integration

EcomHunt provides tools that integrate Facebook Ads seamlessly. Users can target specific audiences based on age, location, interests, and more. This precise targeting ensures that ads reach potential buyers effectively.

Moreover, EcomHunt offers insights into trending products, allowing store owners to align their ad campaigns with popular demand. This combination of product discovery and targeted advertising boosts engagement and drives higher conversion rates.

Engagement and Social Media Strategies

Using EcomHunt, users can enhance their social media engagement. The platform offers strategies for creating compelling content and advertisements that attract attention and prompt interaction.

Users can analyze which types of posts generate the most likes, shares, and comments. This feedback is crucial for refining marketing tactics. EcomHunt’s support extends to multiple social media channels, ensuring a broad reach and maintaining consistent customer interactions.

Pricing, Profit Margin, and Selling Price

EcomHunt helps determine optimal pricing strategies by offering detailed profit margin analytics. Users can set competitive yet profitable selling prices based on comprehensive market research provided by the platform.

This feature allows users to balance between competitive pricing and healthy profit margins, ensuring sustainable business growth. By analyzing competitors and trending products, store owners can adjust prices dynamically to stay ahead in the market.

Ancillary Services and Support

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EcomHunt offers additional services that enhance user experience, such as membership benefits and community support. These services are designed to help users find the best products to sell and support them in their e-commerce journey.

Membership Offerings: EcomHunt Winners Club and Lucky

EcomHunt Winners Club: This premium membership unlocks advanced features. Members gain access to exclusive products and detailed analytics. They receive updates on trending items, competitor insights, and expert marketing tips. This helps users stay ahead in the competitive dropshipping market.

EcomHunt Lucky: An innovative tool to find products based on specific criteria. Users select filters like price and category, and the algorithm suggests profitable items. This feature simplifies the product research process, making it efficient and effective.

Customer Service and Community Support

Customer Service: EcomHunt provides robust support to its users. A notable feature is the Jack Kaching service, offering one-on-one consultations. Users receive personalized advice on product selection, ad setup, and store optimization. This dedicated support helps users overcome challenges promptly.

Community Support: An active EcomHunt community is available through forums and social media groups. Users can share experiences, ask questions, and learn from peers. Additionally, EcomHunt offers courses and webinars. These resources provide valuable knowledge and skills to help users succeed in their dropshipping ventures.

Integrations and Compatibility

A laptop displaying EcomHunt website with various e-commerce platform logos in the background

EcomHunt provides various integrations that enhance its usability for a range of e-commerce platforms. Specifically, it aims to assist those using Shopify and other dropshipping store tools, as well as those interested in platforms like Amazon and eBay.

Shopify and Dropshipping Store Tools

EcomHunt offers a seamless experience for Shopify users. It integrates well with Shopify, making it easy to import winning products directly into a Shopify store. The import process is straightforward, involving just a few clicks.

In addition, EcomHunt supports integrations with dropshipping tools like Oberlo and Spocket. These tools streamline the process of finding products, fulfilling orders, and managing inventory. Oberlo is particularly useful for importing products from AliExpress, while Spocket offers a range of US and EU products for quicker shipping times.

Integration with these tools means users can directly add products from EcomHunt to their Shopify store, handle inventory updates automatically, and ensure smooth order fulfillment.

Alternative Platform Integrations: Amazon to eBay

EcomHunt does not only cater to Shopify users. It is also compatible with other major e-commerce platforms, including Amazon and eBay. This makes it a versatile tool for sellers looking to diversify their sales channels.

For Amazon, users can leverage EcomHunt to find trending products and access detailed analytics to optimize listings. Although the integration isn’t as direct as with Shopify, it’s still highly beneficial for product research and competitive analysis.

On eBay, EcomHunt aids sellers in identifying high-demand products. Users can utilize EcomHunt’s data to create compelling listings and stay ahead of market trends. Though the direct import feature is not explicitly mentioned, the insights and analytics provided by EcomHunt are invaluable for eBay sellers.

EcomHunt Pricing and Value

EcomHunt offers a range of pricing plans aimed at different user needs and budgets. Understanding these plans, their costs, benefits, and how they compare to alternatives can help you make an informed decision.

Comparing Subscription Plans

EcomHunt provides several pricing tiers:

  • Free Plan: Limited to analyzing 2 products per day with a delay in accessing new products.
  • Basic Plan: $23/month or $228/year, offering access to handpicked winning products, product insights, marketing guidance, and expert support.
  • Pro Plan: $20/month with a special discount, removing all limits on product analysis.

A 30-day money-back guarantee supports these plans, providing users with flexibility.

Assessing Costs and Benefits

The Pro Plan offers the best value for intensive users. At $20/month (with a discount), it provides unlimited access to products without delays.

The Basic Plan deposits value with product insights and marketing tips but at a higher cost.

The Free Version is perfect for newcomers who wish to explore limited features without any investment. Each plan aims to enhance profit margins through better product selection and market insight.

EcomHunt Alternatives and Competitors

EcomHunt faces competition from tools like Niche Scraper, which charges $50/month. Despite its higher cost, some users find EcomHunt offers greater value thanks to comprehensive insights and support.

Other alternatives include free and low-cost tools, but they may lack comprehensive features and customer support. Comparing these options involves weighing costs against specific business needs, desired profit margins, and required features.


By offering varied subscription plans, EcomHunt provides tools for different levels of users, from beginners to advanced dropshippers. It stands out in the market against competitors like Niche Scraper, with user-friendly plans and robust features, enhancing its value proposition.

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