Behind The Markets Review: In-Depth Analysis and Key Insights

Behind The Markets is a newsletter aimed at providing subscribers with mid-cap stock recommendations. Created by Dylan Jovine, it offers a mix of stock picks, trade alerts, and bonus reports. Despite its promises, many users have found it expensive and filled with upsells, without delivering consistent market-beating results. Customer reviews suggest that the service’s cancellation policies are also problematic, with accusations of deceptive business practices.

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Launched in 2018, Behind The Markets aims to highlight undervalued stocks that major Wall Street firms may overlook. Jovine, the editor, brings experience from his time with Tycoon Report and other financial ventures. The newsletter’s approach involves identifying growth potential in lesser-known companies, promising subscribers a unique edge in their investment strategies.

Yet, the service has received mixed reviews. Some praise its unique stock picks, while others criticize the high cost and aggressive sales tactics. This review delves into the features, customer experiences, and overall value of Behind The Markets, offering a comprehensive look at what potential subscribers can expect.

About Behind The Markets

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Behind The Markets is a subscription service led by Dylan Jovine. It offers stock recommendations and market alerts, focusing on mid-cap companies with growth potential. Subscribers receive value-driven insights and timely updates.

The Vision of Dylan Jovine

Dylan Jovine, the driving force behind Behind The Markets, aims to provide clear, actionable investment advice. His approach is conservative, emphasizing long-term value rather than short-term gains. With years of experience in finance, Jovine helps investors navigate market trends. His goal is to uncover undervalued opportunities and guide subscribers toward sound investments.

Behind The Markets Service Overview

Behind The Markets offers a monthly stock-picking service. Subscribers receive one well-researched stock recommendation each month. The service focuses on mid-cap stocks with significant growth potential. Members gain access to various bonus reports and market alerts based on Jovine’s evaluations. The service’s portfolio showcases a diverse range of market sectors, helping investors spread their risk.

The Tycoon Publishing Connection

Behind The Markets is part of Tycoon Publishing, a company known for its financial newsletters and investment advice. Tycoon Publishing provides the infrastructure for Jovine’s work, ensuring his insights reach a wide audience. This connection brings credibility and resources to the subscription service, supporting its mission to deliver valuable investment information.

Newsletter Content and Delivery

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The “Behind The Markets” newsletter delivers a mix of monthly stock picks, bonus reports, and timely alerts, offering subscribers a comprehensive package of investment insights. Each component targets undervalued mid-cap stocks with the potential for long-term growth.

Monthly Newsletter and Stock Picks

Each month, subscribers receive a newsletter that includes a well-researched stock pick. The chosen stock is usually an undervalued mid-cap company with significant growth potential.

These monthly picks help investors diversify their portfolios by providing exposure to various market sectors. The newsletter offers detailed analysis, including the company’s performance, market position, and future prospects.

Bonus Reports and Alerts

Bonus reports are sent out to provide additional investment insights beyond the monthly stock picks. These reports might cover market trends, economic indicators, or specific industries poised for growth.

Subscribers also receive alerts for important updates or opportunities that require timely action.

These alerts ensure investors can take advantage of sudden market changes or significant news related to their investments.

Special Reports and Investment Opportunities

Subscribers get access to special reports that dive deeper into specific investment opportunities. These special reports can feature sectors or companies that might not be included in the regular monthly picks.

By offering these thorough and targeted reports, “Behind The Markets” helps subscribers stay informed about broader investment trends and unique opportunities that align with their financial goals.

Each report includes detailed research and actionable recommendations tailored to the subscriber’s portfolio strategy.

Performance and Track Record

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Behind the Markets has shown mixed performance with some significant returns but also notable losses. They focus on undervalued mid-cap stocks, providing one stock pick per month. The service is known for its conservative investing approach.

Stock Recommendations Analysis

Behind the Markets centers its recommendations on mid-cap stocks that are often overlooked. These are companies with growth potential but not yet fully recognized by larger investors.

This approach can lead to significant returns when picks are successful. However, it also carries risks, as seen with some of their more volatile recommendations. The newsletter provides in-depth analysis backing each stock pick, aiming to identify undervalued opportunities.

Demonstrated Returns and Market Cap Focus

Since its launch in 2018, the service has maintained a mix of both winning and losing picks. Some stocks, like GOSS, have seen significant negative returns, while others have provided substantial profits.

Behind the Markets focuses specifically on mid-cap companies. These are firms with a market capitalization generally between $2 billion and $10 billion. This mid-cap focus allows for growth potential while targeting undervalued stocks.

Comparison to Market Benchmarks

When comparing the performance of Behind the Markets to broader market benchmarks, like the S&P 500, their track record shows a mix of results. While they have had some stock picks outperform the market, others have not performed as well.

The volatility in some of these mid-cap stocks can lead to unpredictable returns. It’s worth noting that their long-term value strategy aims for steady growth, rather than short-term gains. This approach means that while some picks may lag behind in the short term, they are chosen for their potential future returns.

Investment Strategy and Analysis

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Behind The Markets leverages a defined investment strategy focused on mid-cap stocks and seeks long-term value using a conservative approach. Subscribers benefit from detailed financial analysis and market insights.

Approach to Mid-Cap Stocks

Behind The Markets pays special attention to mid-cap stocks. These are firms with market capitalizations between $2 billion and $10 billion. Mid-cap stocks are often overlooked but have significant growth potential.

By focusing on mid-cap companies, Behind The Markets aims to uncover hidden opportunities. These firms are usually more established than small-cap companies but still have substantial room for growth.

Investment Style and Long-Term Value

The newsletter follows a value investing strategy, looking for fundamentally strong companies. Fundamental strength involves firms with good profit margins, strong balance sheets, and consistent earnings.

They seek out stocks that are undervalued by the market. This conservative approach is designed to minimize risk and maximize return over the long term. Subscribers receive monthly stock picks based on comprehensive analysis.

Understanding Financial Charts and Market Changes

Financial charts and market trends are crucial to the Behind The Markets strategy. They provide insights on when to buy or sell a stock. Recognizing patterns and understanding market changes help make informed investment decisions.

Subscribers get alerts if the editor’s opinion on a stock changes due to market shifts. This ensures they stay updated and can act promptly. Coherent graphs and data interpretation assist in navigating the complexity of stock investments.

Pricing and Subscription Tiers

Behind the Markets offers three subscription tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Platinum. Each level provides access to their core service but differs in the extra features and pricing.

Comparison of Bronze to Platinum Tiers

Bronze Tier

  • Price: $39 per year.
  • Features: Access to the core service, including monthly stock picks and weekly emails with additional stock ideas.
  • Refund Policy: 30-day refund guarantee.

Platinum Tier

  • Price: $99 per year.
  • Features: Includes all Bronze features plus access to thematic special reports and additional research tools.
  • Value: Designed for serious investors who want more in-depth analysis and a comprehensive range of resources.

Choosing between the Bronze and Platinum tiers depends on how much detail and additional content the subscriber desires.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

Behind the Markets has received mixed reviews when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. Key areas of concern include their guarantee and refund policy and handling of complaints and feedback.

Guarantee and Refund Policy

Many customers have expressed frustration over Behind the Markets’ refund policy. Instances reported include challenges in obtaining refunds or cancellations. One reviewer mentioned difficulties in canceling their subscription with the assistance of a representative named Ryan Lackey. Behind the Markets apparently discouraged refunds by redirecting customers to other offers, such as moving funds to different insider subscriptions.

These issues suggest a need for more straightforward and accommodating refund policies to improve customer trust. Offering a clear, transparent guarantee could significantly enhance user satisfaction.

Handling of Complaints and Feedback

Customer feedback reveals struggles in reaching customer support. One individual shared their experience of attempting to contact Behind the Markets via phone and email without success. Eventually, a senior account manager responded after 12 days of persistent attempts.

Reviews point to the importance of improving communication channels and response times. Effective handling of complaints and feedback can boost customer satisfaction. By addressing these concerns promptly, Behind the Markets could foster a more positive relationship with its clientele. Improved customer support teams and streamlined processes are critical for better service experiences.

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