Ameriplan Review: Comprehensive Analysis of Services and Savings

AmeriPlan has been a topic of discussion for many who are exploring options for affordable healthcare. AmeriPlan is a legitimate company that has been in business since 1992 and carries an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This company offers discount plans for medical and dental services, making it an appealing option for individuals and families looking to save money on healthcare costs.

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Employee reviews on platforms like Glassdoor indicate mixed experiences, with an overall rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars. This suggests that while many find the work environment satisfactory, there are varied opinions about the company’s operations. For consumers, AmeriPlan provides significant savings on dental care, as evidenced by several customer reviews that highlight substantial cost reductions.

In terms of value, AmeriPlan members can enjoy discounts that can reach up to 88.7% on prescription drugs. These savings make AmeriPlan an attractive alternative for those seeking budget-friendly healthcare solutions. For anyone considering AmeriPlan, understanding the detailed benefits and real customer experiences can provide a clearer picture of what to expect.

Understanding AmeriPlan’s Services

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AmeriPlan offers a variety of discount healthcare plans that provide access to services like dental, vision, chiropractic care, and telehealth benefits. These services are designed to make healthcare more affordable for members.

AmeriPlan Dental Plus and Related Services

AmeriPlan Dental Plus offers members access to dental care at discounted rates. This plan includes services such as exams, cleanings, fillings, crowns, and even orthodontics. Members can expect discounts that can range from 20% to 80% on these services.

The dental plan involves working with a wide network of dental providers who agree to the discounted rates. Additionally, it often covers preventive care, restorative treatments, and cosmetic services.

Vision and Chiropractic Services

AmeriPlan’s vision benefits include discounts on eye exams, eyeglasses, contact lenses, and LASIK procedures. The network consists of many participating optometrists and ophthalmologists who provide these services at reduced costs.

The chiropractic services offer discounts on visits to chiropractors for treatments such as spinal adjustments and other therapeutic procedures. This aids in managing back pain and other musculoskeletal issues.

Telehealth Plus Benefits

Telehealth Plus provides members with access to telemedicine services, allowing them to consult with doctors via phone or video calls. This service can be especially useful for non-emergency issues, enabling quick access to medical advice without the need to visit a doctor’s office in person.

The telehealth service is available 24/7, making it convenient for members to seek medical guidance anytime they need it, which is particularly beneficial for managing minor illnesses or health concerns.

Comparing Costs

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AmeriPlan offers a range of medical discount plans that differ from traditional health insurance in both cost and benefits. Understanding these differences can help you make an informed choice regarding your healthcare financing.

Membership Fee Analysis

AmeriPlan’s membership fees vary depending on the plan. For example, the Dental Plus plan costs $19.95 per month. This plan offers savings on dental, vision, prescription, hearing, and telehealth services, with members often experiencing discounts of up to 80% on dental care alone.

These monthly fees can be a more affordable option for those looking to minimize their healthcare expenses. Comparing this to traditional insurance premiums, which can average several hundred dollars per month, AmeriPlan’s fees are significantly lower.

However, it’s essential to note that discount plans require members to pay the discounted rate out-of-pocket at the time of service. This can result in high upfront costs even with the available discounts.

Traditional Insurance vs. AmeriPlan Discount Programs

Traditional insurance and AmeriPlan discount programs both aim to reduce healthcare costs but do so in different ways. Traditional insurance involves a higher monthly premium which covers various healthcare costs, sometimes with copayments or deductibles. Insurance providers typically pay a portion of the healthcare costs directly, lowering the financial burden on policyholders during medical visits.

AmeriPlan allows members to access discounted medical services by paying a lower monthly membership fee. The key difference is that with AmeriPlan, members are responsible for the entire discounted service fee at the time of care.

While traditional insurance can be more thorough, it is also more expensive. AmeriPlan provides cost savings through immediate discounts, making it an attractive option for those looking to save on regular medical expenses without the high expenses of comprehensive insurance.

Economic Aspects of Memberships

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AmeriPlan memberships offer potential savings on healthcare expenses and opportunities to earn money through commissions and bonuses. This section will focus on key economic aspects like prescription and hospital bill savings, as well as commission and bonus structures.

Saving on Prescription and Hospital Bills

Members of AmeriPlan can benefit from significant discounts on prescriptions. For example, a member might pay $13.27 for a drug that usually costs much more at retail. Additionally, savings on a 30-day supply of a 50 mg Pantoprazole tab could reduce the price from $149.03 to $21.32.

Discounts are not limited to prescriptions. AmeriPlan also offers hospital advocacy services. These services help members negotiate reduced rates for hospital bills, which can be particularly beneficial for significant or unexpected medical expenses. Telemedicine discounts also help in cutting costs for consultations without the need for physical visits.

Understanding Commissions and Bonuses

Commissions and bonuses play a critical role for those looking to earn money with AmeriPlan. Members usually join through referrals, emphasizing the company’s reliance on multi-level marketing (MLM). When a new member joins through a referral, the referring member earns a commission.

Bonuses are another key aspect. They can vary based on membership levels and recruitment success. The structure is designed to incentivize sustained engagement and expansion. Higher levels of participation and recruitment can lead to increased earnings, making it a feasible income opportunity for some.

The combination of commission payments and bonuses provides a layered earning potential, attractive for those who actively promote the service and recruit new members regularly. Participants can leverage these economic benefits to supplement their income effectively.

Evaluating the Business Model

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AmeriPlan’s business model has often been the subject of debate. It’s essential to distinguish whether it operates as a legitimate MLM or as a pyramid scheme and to assess its viability as a business opportunity.

Distinguishing MLM from Pyramid Schemes

AmeriPlan operates as a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company. In MLM, members earn money by selling products or services and by recruiting new members. This differs from a pyramid scheme, which primarily relies on recruitment fees and offers little to no actual product.

AmeriPlan offers legitimate services, like dental and health discount plans, which members can sell. Because these services provide real value, AmeriPlan doesn’t fit the definition of a scam or pyramid scheme.

Assessing AmeriPlan as a Business Opportunity

AmeriPlan offers several perks for those serious about a home business. Benefits include daily pay, training, and residual income. These features can make it attractive for self-starters.


  • Flexibility in work hours
  • Ongoing support and training
  • Potential for residual income


  • Requires continuous effort and dedication
  • Possible challenges for “regular folk” to make significant money quickly

The company’s 3.6 out of 5 stars rating on Glassdoor indicates a generally positive experience from employees. Successful business involves commitment, making it not suitable for those seeking quick gains.

Additional Benefits and Support

AmeriPlan provides numerous benefits and support systems that enhance the overall value of their offerings. From comprehensive healthcare programs to specialized services, they aim to deliver robust support for everyday needs.

Comprehensive Healthcare Programs

AmeriPlan’s Deluxe Plus package offers discounted healthcare options to members. This includes dental, vision, and prescription savings. Their Coast to Coast Vision plan grants access to a vast network of eye care professionals.

The Healthcare Navigator service helps members understand their benefits and find the best providers. The Bill Negotiator works on behalf of members to reduce medical bills, while the Surgery Saver program finds the most affordable options for significant procedures.

These programs collectively provide a safety net that ensures members get the care they need at reduced prices. The various support mechanisms like roadside assistance, family legal services, and hospital benefits add layers of practical help, making daily and emergency situations easier to handle. These benefits provide significant value for members looking to manage their healthcare costs effectively.

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