Americanonlinejobs.Com Review: Thorough Evaluation and Insights

Is a scam or a legit opportunity? This question buzzes through the minds of many who stumble upon the site. American Online Jobs claims individuals can earn between $600 to $1,600 weekly by working from home. At first glance, this seems like a lucrative opportunity, especially for those looking to escape the traditional nine-to-five grind.

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Yet, a closer look at American Online Jobs reveals that users won’t actually find typical job listings. Instead, they are directed to participate in referral marketing and other online activities like surveys and get-paid-to sites. This raises questions about the legitimacy of the platform and whether it can truly deliver on its promises.

Understanding these nuances is crucial for anyone considering joining. It’s not just about potential earnings; it’s about figuring out if this is a viable and ethical way to make money online. This review will dig deeper into what American Online Jobs really offers and whether it’s worth your time and effort.

Overview of American Online Jobs

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American Online Jobs is an online platform that claims to offer users the opportunity to earn significant income by working from home. The site promises various job types, focusing mainly on remote and online jobs which include referral and affiliate marketing.

Origins and Promises

American Online Jobs claims to help people get hired for work-from-home positions. The site promises potential earnings between $600 to $1,600 a week. It essentially focuses on referral marketing, which is similar to affiliate marketing, where users earn commissions by referring others to products or services. Despite these attractive earnings, many reviews question the legitimacy of these claims, pointing out inconsistency and raising suspicions about its true nature.

Website Structure and Accessibility

The website of American Online Jobs appears to be straightforward. It includes sections for job listings, member training areas, and prescreening questions. Users are often directed to join other platforms like Swagbucks or Online Flex Job before accessing their training area. While the website offers accessibility through clear navigation and SSL certificates for security, it also uses multiple domain names, which can be confusing and sometimes raises concerns about credibility among users.

Types of Offered Jobs

The types of jobs advertised on American Online Jobs predominantly include data entry and referral marketing positions. Data entry jobs are advertised with hourly rates such as $34.25. However, much of the work revolves around referral and affiliate marketing schemes. This means users are primarily involved in promoting and referring others to various online businesses and services for commissions, rather than being hired for traditional job roles. The emphasis is on remote, work-from-home opportunities, leveraging online business models.

Earning Potential and Reality

A laptop displaying with dollar signs and a realistic paycheck, surrounded by a calendar and calculator claims that users can earn between $700 to $1,600 per week. This section will explore these promoted earning claims and real-life experiences from users to determine if the site lives up to its promises.

Promoted Earning Claims promotes high earning potential, stating that users can make $700 to $1,600 per week. These earnings are presented as achievable through simple tasks like data entry and other work-from-home jobs. The website often uses attractive hourly rates, such as $34.25 per hour, to entice potential job seekers.

The promise of such high earnings is particularly appealing to those looking to make money online. However, these claims often mirror those found on survey sites and get-paid-to sites, where actual earnings may be much lower due to various restrictive terms and conditions.

Testimonials and User Feedback

User testimonials and feedback provide a mixed picture. While some users claim to have made significant money using, many others report less favorable outcomes. Real-life experiences often reveal that the actual earnings fall short of the high amounts advertised.

For example, some users state that they have earned much less than the promised $700 to $1,600 per week. Instead, they find themselves struggling to make any significant amount. On various forums and review sites, users have shared their frustration over unmet expectations and the lack of transparent communication from the site.

This contrast between expectations and reality is a crucial factor to consider before committing to any online job platform.

Examining the Signup Process

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The signup process for involves several steps designed to filter candidates and ensure their security. Key phases include initial screening and mandatory pre-training sessions, followed by robust security measures.

Screening and Pre-Training

Candidates start by filling out a questionnaire that includes pre-screening questions. These questions assess the applicant’s background and ensure they meet basic requirements. This phase typically includes personal information and work experience.

After the questionnaire, candidates watch training videos. These videos explain the job’s responsibilities and teach essential skills. This training aims to prepare candidates for the tasks they will perform. Completing and understanding the material is crucial to moving forward in the signup process.

Security Measures

The security measures during the signup process are stringent. Candidates must use a verified email address and undergo browser security checks to ensure they are accessing the site from a secure location. Enabling antivirus software is strongly recommended to protect against potential cyber threats.

During the process, all data is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. This helps in safeguarding personal information. places a high emphasis on maintaining a secure environment for all its users.

Marketing Strategies and Affiliate Programs

A laptop displaying with various marketing and affiliate program icons employs several marketing strategies to help individuals make money online, including referral marketing techniques and partnerships with affiliate programs, which offer attractive commissions.

Referral Marketing Techniques

Referral marketing is key to the success of Users can earn by promoting the platform on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Sharing referral links on forums and blogs can reach wider audiences.

Effective use of YouTube Marketing and Instagram Marketing helps in connecting with potential users. Creating engaging content, such as video tutorials and success stories, boosts viewer interest and trust. These approaches make referral marketing a robust tool for expanding the platform’s user base.

Partnerships and Affiliate Commissions forms partnerships with various legit sites and offers alluring affiliate commissions. These affiliates promote the site on platforms like Craigslist, Survey Junkie, Inbox Dollars, and Toluna.

Affiliates earn through a well-designed sales funnel that ensures high conversion rates. These partnerships help in diversifying traffic sources and enhancing exposure. Commission rates are structured to motivate affiliates, with competitive rates that appeal to both beginner and experienced marketers.

Red Flags and Legitimacy Concerns

Users have raised doubts about due to various issues such as the lack of transparency and suspicious practices. Below are some specific points that highlight these concerns.

Common Red Flags Identified

Many users notice missing details about the company. There is often no clear information about the founders or operators, which is unusual for a trustworthy business. Legit sites usually provide this on their “About Us” page.

Another concern is the prevalence of unrealistic income claims. Promises of making $600 – $1,500 a week can be a sign of a scam, especially if the job requirements are vague or too easy.

Website design and security also matter. For instance, the absence of SSL certificates (shown by “https” in the URL) can be alarming. Without this, user data might not be secure, making the site look less credible.

Lastly, many reviews point out the requirement to sign up for unrelated services or additional surveys, which can be perceived as tactics to collect user data or promote affiliate products, rather than offering real jobs.

Verifying the Legitimacy

To determine if a website is legitimate, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research. Start by searching for independent reviews and ratings. Websites like Trustpilot or Better Business Bureau can provide user feedback.

Check if the site has an active SSL certificate. If the URL starts with “https”, it’s a basic sign of security. Also, inspect for detailed contact information including a business address and phone number.

Users should also examine the “About Us” page. A legitimate company usually discloses information about its leadership and history. The absence of such details can be concerning.

Lastly, contacting customer support can help. A responsive and helpful customer service team is often a good indicator of a legitimate business. Ask specific questions and see how they handle the inquiries.

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