Health Care

As a member of the House Ways and Means Committee I am working to repeal Obamacare and create real health care reforms.  Our plan includes weeding out waste and fraud, giving tax credits to allow people to buy their own insurance, ending denial of care based on pre-existing conditions, tort reform, letting businesses band together to offer affordable insurance and allowing citizens to buy insurance outside of their state of residence. 

At the heart of our health care problems is cost.  The plan we are developing specifically targets the aspects of the health care system that escalate costs.  Unfortunately, the President’s health care law ignores solving the problem of cost; rather it cuts $716 billion from Medicare and raises taxes to pay for new bureaucracy insurance mandate. 

I believe if you lower the cost of health care, more people will be able to purchase insurance thus addressing both concerns.  The President has failed to prove that by mandating the purchase of insurance, costs of health care will fall.  In fact, I believe the opposite will happen and millions of Americans will have diminished health care or denied it entirely.

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