Limited Government

Year after year we have seen politicians, Democrats and unfortunately some Republicans grow both the size and scope of government. There is no question that the bigger government gets, the more we see corruption and waste, higher taxes, out of control spending, and complicated bureaucracy. The more control given to people who sit in Washington, the less individual liberty Kansans and all Americans will have.

I firmly believe that the federal government has a few foundational purposes: protecting us in a dangerous and uncertain world, helping maintain and build our nation’s infrastructure, and allowing for economic and individual freedom. The most effective type of government is the one that is closest to the people it serves. Too often, federal bureaucrats and politicians think they are better suited to solve local problems than local officials.  The reality is, individuals who live with these problems are in most instances better equipped to solve local problems than the Washington, D.C. politicians and bureaucrats.  I understand this Washington elitist behavior for what it is, a power grab and a lack of confidence in lower levels of governance and I could not disagree with it more.  

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