Fiscal Responsibility


Our state and the whole nation have seen hard economic times as of late. People have lost their homes, businesses, and livelihoods and piling on another burden of higher taxes is the wrong direction.

I have heard Kansans say time and again, “enough is enough”. Washington keeps asking you, the people, to give more of your paycheck as you struggle to pay the bills and provide for your families. I have stuck to my promise to oppose any tax increases, especially in such a harsh economic climate. If we want our economy to recover and our nation to prosper once again, we have to stop taking so much away and give decisions back to the people. Instead of politicians in Washington pretending to know what’s best, let the people decide for themselves.

That is why I have been and will continue to be a taxpayer advocate for Kansas families and small businesses.

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Fiscal Responsibility

I ran for Congress because of the reckless fiscal policies coming out of Washington. Kansas common sense tells me you cannot spend more than you take in. My background as a certified public accountant, state legislator, and state treasurer, has given me a unique perspective to take to Washington. Families and small businesses have to balance their books and the government should be no different. I have always said there are two sides to the ledger: the spending side and the revenue side. Kansans are taxed enough already, so the federal government needs to address the spending side.

I am convinced now more than ever that our federal government’s greatest problem is its addiction to spending. Too many politicians who have been in Washington for too long have forgotten that taxpayers are what keeps our government going, not the other way around. Instead of being responsible and eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse many politicians think they have been given a blank check to do as they please. I could not disagree more.

That is why I have stayed committed to conservative fiscal policies that put America’s security and future generations first and foremost by voting for a balanced budget amendment.

We cannot continue to give hostile foreign nations greater influence over us because we cannot stop borrowing money from them. Nor can we simply pass the burden on to our children and grandchildren because we are unwilling to make responsible decisions about the federal budget. If we want to put our nation back on the path to prosperity, we need people in Washington who believe in and will practice fiscal restraint. I pledge to continue doing just that by opposing wasteful earmarks, eliminating government programs with no constitutional justification and rooting out governmental corruption and waste.

Over the past four years, Washington has racked up more than $5 trillion in debt. Just this past year President Obama presented a budget so wrought with spending, Senate Democratic leadership refused to bring it up for a vote. They knew the political implications of supporting such an irresponsible budget would create problems for them getting re-elected.

The one budget I have complete control over is my office’s budget. Each year I have served the people of Kansas, I have cut my budget by more than 10%. I returned that money to federal coffers and I have continued to operate at a reduced rate than allocated to me by the federal government. I believe it is one thing to talk about cutting spending, but it takes leadership to do it when others are not.

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